AOI Desktop AOI Desktop
ScanSpection – the revolutionary scanner system, for the inspection of low to medium volume PCB Assemblies were programming is not required.
The system compares between a known good (Gold) board and a sample board.
The system automatically aligns and flips between the two images testing the board using a predefined test routine for the board under inspection.
AOI In-Line AOI In-Line
Automated Optical Inspection – The economic realities of quality control,
rework cost and need for customer confidence make Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) a necessity in Circuit Board manufacturing environments AOI can take a number of roles on the PCB production line.
There are a number of “captive” applications such as accurate component positioning in the pick and place system, or screen checking in the paste printer,
and there are also stand-alone functions to which AOI is ideally suited.
AOI FA Inspector AOI FA Inspector
First Article Inspection -The FA-Inspector is a scanner-based optical inspection system used to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection tasks without programming.