The Only True ESD Safe Way to Remove Conformal Coatings!
CCRCo set a new standard for performance with the CCR1000 and CCR2000. Both units are fully, self-contained, non-chemical bench top workstations designed for the removal of Acrylic, Epoxy, Parylene, Silicone, or Urethane coatings from printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. Either unit may be used to strip a single component or an entire board.
CCRCo has endeavored to provide the safest and most practical way of effectively removing conformal coatings. All the necessary safety features required for both the operator and the printed circuit board are designed into each workstation.
Both the CCR1000 and CCR2000 are ESD safe and chemical free, with a sealed work chamber with gloved entry to prevent media from escaping into the atmosphere. The design and operation of each unit is exactly the same, except for two additional features in the CCR2000:
1. The ability to measure ESD voltage being applied to the printed circuit board during conformal coating removal.

2. A continuous ground monitoring system that checks:
a. that the workstations is tied to your house ground, and
b. that the operator is connected to the workstation.

No Chemicals
The CCR1000 and CCR2000 workstations are environmentally safe because you don’t use chemicals in conformal coating removal. They are less expensive to operate over the life of the equipment because the media used is recyclable. Because we use no chemicals, you don’t worry about:
• Hazardous chemical storage
• Hazardous chemical disposal
• Environmental problems
• Chemical cleanup
• Any problem meeting or exceeding government and EPA directives for chemical free cleaning
• Problems with printed circuit board etching
• Long term component degradation
• Concerns about the repeated exposure of your employees to hazardous chemicals