Dipcoating system

Automatic dipcoater Knodel

Equipment for the production of electronics and belt-type systems for thermal treatment and coating

  • Coating technology for electronic assemblies
  • Technology of thermal treatment for electronic assemblies in standard and taylormade-equipment
  • Application of the laws physics in heat and mass transfer in thermal treatment equipment
  • Efficient handling of varnishes and flammable solvents
  • Handling of work pieces in and around coating and thermal treatment equipment
  • Integration of coating and thermal treatment processes in manufacturing lines
  • Control systems for handling, conveying, coating and thermal treatment installations

SBA – Offline systems

Protective coating equipment for electronic assemblies in large and small quantities (Coating and thermal treatment of coatings in separate units)

Small equipment
– for spraying, immersion, flooding

Partial coating equipment
– parCoat offline, dispenser, co-ordinated application
– partial dip/flood application

SBA – Online systems

Protective coating lines for electronic assemblies (Both, coating applicator and thermal treatment unit are interconnected by a conveyor)

Dip coating plants
– KNÖDEL perfecta ® – NT 14, NT 33, NT 52
– KNÖDEL perfecta ® NT So
– KNÖDEL perfecta ® Hybrid
– KNÖDEL perfecta ® online

Dip coating plants
– KNÖDEL modula ® LC
– KNÖDEL modula ® 01
– KNÖDEL modula ® 02
– KNÖDEL modula ® So

Partial coating equipment
– parCoat online, dispenser, co-ordinated application

Dryers for online coating operations
– Belt-type, conveyorized (entuca)
– Vertical Systems

WBA – Thermal treatment equipment for the production of electronics

Equipment for the thermal treatment of panels, printed circuit boards, assemblies, chips, heat-up, drying, curing, polymerising, cooling

Batch-type systems
– as chamber systems
– as rack systems for one-door or two-door operation

Conveyorised systems
– KNÖDEL entuca
– KNÖDEL pentherm

Vertical systems
– Vertical system with paternoster conveyor
– Vertical system with tray conveyor
– Vertical system with suspended trays
– Vertical system with fan-type conveyor

RDC – Resist coating technology and equipment

Dip coating equipment for the offline production including the necessary dryers

Dip coating equipment for the online production consisting of coater and dryer

Coating lines with MULTICOATER and belt-type dryers for the application of water-based and solvent-based resist of medium and high viscosity

Spincoater for the production of high precision pinhole foils for the productronic

Band – Belt-type coating and thermal treatment lines

– Metal strips and belts
– Metal sheets
– Metal segments
– Metal profiles

Plant systems
– Catenary systems
– Roller conveyor systems
– Cross rod conveyor systems
– Belt-type systems with a large selection of belts

Heat and mass transfer
– Convection with hot air and exhaust gas
– Gas-Infrared-Radiation (GIR) + convection
– Electro-Infrared-Radiation (mIR) + convection