The Live-Video from the camera which shows the solder wave is displayed directly in the software. With the help of this video, the user can constantly monitor the nozzle and the solder wave – inclusively the soldering process. This allows the operator to adjust the soldering program and important parameters and to observe the result on the monitor directly.

Automatic Solder Wire Feeder with Level-Sensor

The height of the solder level in the solder pot is monitored by means of a laser sensor. Once the level falls below a predetermined threshold value the feeder automatically starts refilling the solder pot from a solder wire reel until a level for optimal soldering is reached again.

Solder Level-Sensor

The height of the solder level in the solder pot is monitored by means of a laser sensor. Once the level falls below a predetermined threshold value a message is displayed in the software application.

Wave Height Check and –Correction

By means of a laser-sensor the height of the solder wave is being checked fully automatically. The solder wave height then is being corrected for optimal solder results. The interval of how often the solder wave is checked can be set in the software application.

Operating Data Logging

All InterSelect machines are equipped with multiple sensors monitoring almost every single feature of the system. The information that these sensors read are stored to a SQL database and can be automatically exported in XML format. By default, the following parameters can be accessed: “Set” and “Is” temperature of the solder, “Set” and “Is” temperature of preheaters respectively the temperature of the PCB (with pyrometer), correct flux application (with flux sensor) and Error Messages. More parameters for read-out can be added optional.

Barcode/QR-Code Reader

The Barcode/QR-Code reader automatically scans the code from every PCB before soldering and saves it to the SQL database. Along with the operating data logging feature all read operating data can be allocated to every single PCB, stored together in the SQL database and exported as XML-File. The Barcode Reader and Operating Data Logging allow extensive “Traceability”.

Automatic Conveyor Width Adjustment (Inline only)

All InterSelect Inline soldering systems have an automatic conveyor width adjustment. The required width is adjusted fully automatically according to the data of the soldering program as soon as the program is loaded. Setup times are extremely minimized.

Pyrometer-Controlled Preheating

While preheating the temperature is measured directly on the PCB surface by means of a laser-pyrometer. The preheater continuously adjusts the heating power and heating duration accordingly to the measured temperature. Instead of preheating just with heating-power and time values the user enters the desired preheat temperature and the live measurement will take care about everything – very convenient! Overheating is hereby excluded and it is guaranteed that the circuit board reaches the required temperature. Moreover, the preheat temperature of the PCB can be maintained exactly during the soldering process. Especially with long cycle times, the PCB without pyrometer-controlled preheating rapidly cools back and the last few solder points are effectively soldered without base temperature. The pyrometers controlled preheating ensures consistent and reproducible quality of the solder joints.


Particularly for very thin printed circuit boards or boards with heavy components the warpage sensor the sensor is mandatory. The sensor measures the height differences, calculates the bending of the circuit board and automatically corrects any Z-axis values. An extremely time-consuming manual matching of the soldering program can thus be avoided.

Remote Maintenance

All InterSelect soldering machines have a network connection to integrate the machine into the corporate network. If the system is connected to the Internet, on inquiry our service engineers can log directly on the machine and provide immediate relief. The possibility of remote maintenance drastically reduces service assignments are which saves our customers time and service fees.

IS-PhotoScan Offline-Programming-Software

The intuitive offline programming software IS-Photo Scan is the best way to create a soldering program without any prior knowledge. By simply “point and click” all flux-points and soldering-points are placed on a picture of the circuit board. The image is easily obtained by the scanning the PCB using a commercial scanner. All parameters of each solder pad can be adjusted to obtain optimal soldering results. The software can be installed and used on almost any Windows PC, thus the machine must not be stopped to create or change a soldering program. The finished soldering program is simply copied over the network or USB flash drive to the machine and is ready for production.