IS-I-460 S and IS-I-700 S IS-I-460 S and IS-I-700 S
The two systems IS-I-460S and IS-I-700S differ mainly in the maximum PCB size. While the IS-I-460S can process circuit boards up to 460x460mm the IS-I-700S can handle larger boards of incredible 700x700mm. Both Systems have “State-of-the-Art” technology and can be equipped with modern features that guarantee best and repeatable solder results with little effort.Technical Specifications
IS-I-460 Modular and IS-I-700 Modular IS-I-460 Modular and IS-I-700 Modular
This concept consists of 3 Modules:
-Selective Soldering Module
The IS-I-460M and IS-I-700M are fully automatic “In-Line” and “Modular” selective soldering systems from InterSelect Germany which are able to handle PCBs up to 460x460mm respectively 700x700mm. With a SMEMA connection the Modules are directly linked together. The software-controlled and automatic conveyor width adjustment ensures fast and easy change over to different board dimensions. The IS-I-460M and IS-I-700M combine very high speed with precise process control.Technical Specifications