InterSelect Vapour Phase IS-T-300
InterSelect Vapour Phase IS-T-300

[tabby title=”IS T 300 S”]
Footprint 1m²
Soldering area 300x300mm, PCB`s up to 500x300mm
InterSelect PhotoScan Editor
Windows PC with swiveling TFT Monitor
Customer-friendly process visualization
Remote maintenance and network capability
Pump unit and solder bath made of titanium
Maintenance-free micro drop jet fluxer
Fast and accurate positioning X, Y, Z – Axis system
Full-surface and adjustable IR – preheating
Lowest energy costs only 1,3 m² N2 consumption per hour

[tabby title=”Technical Details”]
Footprint:1165 x 1030 x 1200mm ( LxBxH)
PCB holder: Length min.max. 5-500mm
Width min.max. 5-300mm
Componenets above up to 120mm
Components below up to 40mm
Energy 1 x 230V
1,3 m³/h N2 bei 99,99%
no compressed air required
Preheating Nitrogen Heating
IR Heater from 1,5 up to 4,5 KW
Solder pot 12 KG
Pump unit made of titanium
Pot made of titanium

[tabby title=”Options”]
Process-Camera – The live video of the process camera, which shows the nozzle and the soldering process, is displayed on an additional monitor. By viewing the video the solder wave can be constantly observed by the user – including the whole soldering process. This allows the technician or engineer to adjust the soldering program and important parameters and to observe the result directly on the monitor.

Wave height control and automatic correction – By using a laser sensor the height of the solder wave is monitored – and if necessary automatically corrected to the pre-set wave height.

Solder Level-Sensor – A floater which is monitored by a laser sensor checks on the solder level. When the solder level drops beyond a predetermined level the system displays a message right in the machine’s software.

Pump-System – In order to equalize the flow behavior of the solder in the pump channel and to keep it free of fluctuations this all-titanium pump was constructed in a special procedure. A particularly quiet, turbulent-free solder wave is the result.

Pull-Off Feature to avoid Shorts – Especially when soldering connector strips, or other components where multiple pins can be soldered in a line, shorts can be formed between the last two pins. Excess solder from the last pin cannot be dragged to another pin and forms a bulbous solder joint, or worse: a bridge to the nearby pin. To remove this excess solder the InterSelect systems provide a “pull-off” solution. Before the solder wave is moved away from the solder joint, the machine reduces the pump power abruptly. Due to the rapid collapse of the solder wave, excess solder is withdrawn from the pin and only the required amount of solder remains at solder joint.

Wettable-Nozzles – For the wettable nozzles the solder is running in all directions, i.e. all around the nozzle. Solder nozzles from InterSelect are made from a specially developed metal alloy which have high and persistent resistance even for lead-free solder alloys. A specially designed nozzle body reduces the formation of dross (solder slag) by more than 90% and avoids solder balls on the PCB bottom side far better than conventional nozzle designs.

Remote Maintenance – All InterSelect soldering machines have a network connection for integrating the machine to the company’s own network. If the system is connected to the Internet on request our service engineers can log directly onto the machine and provide immediate support. With the possibility of remote maintenance service calls are drastically reduced which saves our customers time and costs.

Automatic Nozzle-Cleaning – Only a clean and oxidation-free solder nozzle can be wettable. With the integrated cleaning station the InterSelect cleaner is automatically sprayed onto the nozzle and oxidation residues are removed.

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