Ultrasonic transducers bonded to the tank base provide high performance and reliability together with uniform distribution of the ultrasonic energy. The frequency is tuned to the individual tank / transducer combination and then optimised under normal usage conditions with frequency sweep and fully automatic tuning.

Guyson M300 (300W) ultrasonic generators for powerful cleaning and long equipment life
Robust construction with 316L polished stainless steel tank for durability
Thermostatically controlled solution heating from 20°C to 80°C
Digital panel for precise control and display of sonics time and solution temperature
Option of generator control with dual frequency for special applications
Standard UCR systems operate normally operate between 34 kHz and 40 kHz
Options include: lid, basket, raising stand, level sensor, pumped filtration, heating to the immersion rinse, and deionised water spray rinse

Internal tank dims (L x W)
650 x 450 mm
Effective capacity (max)
131.6 Litres