Technical data
max. dispensing area 400x500mm
pressure time – piston valve
up to 8000 dots/ Std.
Distance measurement
contactless dispensing
X / Y -axis : 0,008mm – linear encoder
Z -axis : 0,02mm – linear encoder
+/- 0,04mm mm
Dimensions and wight
800 x 700 x 350mm / ca . 85 kg
230V-50Hz -350W / 0,6 MPa – 15l/min
Key features
Automatic dispensing machine
Optical calibration of dispensing needle in the XY area
automatic height measuring system of the dispenser needle
automatic measuring system of the dispenser needle length
Camera system for automatic fiducial
Image processing
CAD – editor for create of dispensing programme
Teach in mode
Operating systen Windows 7
Option: second dispensing valve
Application area
low- to medium volume production
dispensing of middle and high viscosity liquid
option: dispensing of lines and contours