SXXL autodrive vision stencil printer
Technical data
Frame size
variable system max. 1800 x 800 mm
PCB size
max. 1600 x 650 mm
print parameters adjustable by user panel
programming of all others relevant print parameters via USB interface
2 integrated kameras
LCD monitor
Squeegee drive
electric drive control
print speed 5-150mm/s
freely programmable squeegee travel
Squeegee changeover
Automatic reversible dual squeegee
Universal holders for metal or rubber blade
adjustable squeegee inclination 0 – 60 °
adjustable squeegee contact pressure 0 – 200 N
Single or double-sided boards
Table lowering
automatic table lowering / Z=10 mm
lowering speed adjustable 0,2 – 4 mm/s
adjustable table contact pressure 0 – 450 N
Table – X, Y / Theta adjustment
+/- 12 mm / +/- 2,7°
Off-Contact (Z-Axis) Range
0 -24 mm
Table – adjustment accuracy
+/- 0,01 mm
Compressed air 8 bar
Dimensions and wight
2000 x 950 x 550 mm / ca. 140 kg
Application area
suitable for small and medium volume production
screen- or stencilprinting of glue, solder paste or another substances
qualified for fine pitch components
minimum pitch of pads 0,3mm