Quins-easy – a practical inspection system with many advantages for your quality protection. Because of the simple usage it is possible to you to test units in least time, 100 % correct and without programming effort. You do not need any extensive inspection programs. You save a lot of time and costs, and you win safety in the quality.

The patented inspection procedure is based on the principle of the automatically trued alternation image display between the test- and the reference image. With this procedure you optimally support your  histological optics. Errors are uncovered immediately, fast and reliably. They could be documented and edited by a great number of automatized functions. At a solution up to 1200 dpi you receive the correct enlargement for every inspection.

The position misalignment of the test unit to the reference becomes corrected with the automatic picture adjustment of QUINS – EASY.

The automatic picture adjustment positioning both pictures exactly on top of each other. The typical wobbling during the refresh will be avoided.

The Automatic Segmentation partitions the images in single segments automatically. The user can inspect segment for segment by pressing space bar. Project oriented, segments can be switched off and the row can be defined individually. The guided tour guarantees that nothing is omitted or overlooked.

The advantage of the error marking and the automatic error image saving consists in being able to decollate inspection and repair of each other. The automatically saved error images include your markers.

You can test whole lines of units. By using the saved error images it is possible to rework erroneous units at a separate place of work. All pictures are saved in jpg – format und can be displayed on every computer. The error identifications can be defined individually and pre-set for the user in a list.

During the inspection all results and error markings are registered automatically. The statistic – function shows you your typical defects.. This is an essential advantage for the process optimization.

You have at any time all dates of your inspection series at a glance and can carry out correspondingly improvements in the process of manufacture.

Auto – Activating ; Also positive pictures can be activated automatically.

Parallel scanning

With the Parallel Scanning you scan the next unit while you are testing. That saves time!

The difference image display

The difference image display filters minimum image differences. Only essential differences are emphasized

as error clearly. Through that the shimmering of the alternation image display becomes invisible,

and a relaxed working is possible.