Assistance for visual inspection of the first Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) coming of a production line

Based on a captured image of the PCBA (scanned image, photograph,…), combined with a unique and innovative way of representing the component images, Inspection Xpress assures a 100% visual inspection of all components in an extremely fast way. The software optimizes and manages the human, visual inspection for prototype and low volume production.
Most important,Quins improves quality assurance and at the same time limits the downtime of the production line, awaiting approval of the first article.

◦Complete inspection of all components
◦Complete logging of the entire visual inspection process
◦Confirmability in the inspection process
◦No additional optical hardware for magnifying necessary
◦Avoids separate lists of components or instruction sheets

◦Significant time savings of up to 60% compared to the traditional visual test with bill of material (BOM) and optical hardware for magnifying
◦No more complaints or rework due to incorrect assembly
◦No expensive additional hardware
◦No time intensive programming effort
◦Short learning curve for first users
◦Comfortable, fatigue-free work environment for the operator
◦Low cost
◦Unique overlay function with all relevant information in one window

Fast Return-on-Investment!

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