RP 6 Reflow Soldering System RP 6 Reflow Soldering System
With the compact dimensions of the RP 6, a max.
PCB size of 300×200 mm and its low power consumption it is capable of sample manufacturing, manufacturing of small series or also component qualification.
The heating chamber is working with a mix of radiation heat by IR heaters and convection heat via radiators.
548.04 Reflow Soldering System 548.04 Reflow Soldering System
Desk model with a grid belt conveyor.
548.07 Reflow Soldering System 548.07 Reflow Soldering System
Desk model with a grid belt conveyor.
548.10 Reflow Soldering System 548.10 Reflow Soldering System
Desk model with a pin chain conveyor or grid belt conveyor.
549.30 B Stand alone 549.30 B Stand alone
Forced Convection & Heating Plates.
7 ZCR Stand alone 7 ZCR Stand alone
Multizone Convection Reflow-System.
551.10 and 551.20 Reflow soldering systems 551.10 and 551.20 Reflow soldering systems
The soldering system 551.10 is a new development made by SEF and combines the competence of more than 30 years in the manufacturing of reflow ovens with modern requirements regarding usability, low power consumption and interfaces for the communication with other devices.
TWS 850 is a powerful and compact reflow and convection oven with one heating zone ideal to perform soldering operation for small to prototype size SMT manufacturing, to cure adhesive and pastes and to remove humidity from fine pitch parts prior to reflow using Hot Bake function.
The oven enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm widht.
The TWS 850n is the same, but the is capable of soldering in a controlled atmosphere using inhert gas as Nitrogen.
The TWS 1380 is an innovative medium-size convection oven.
The TWS 1380 is 3 metres long (with a 2 metres tunnel) and produces a very good soldering profile, together with high productivity with low power consumption.
It is also very easy to use.
Voltage: 220 VOLT or 380 VOLT.
The TWS 1150 is a full forced air convection oven with 2 heating zones capable of soldering boards up to 400 mm in width.
Performance has been increased thanks to new material and new powered insulating system.
This oven grants very good performances, an ideal soldering profile, low power consumption, high productivity and easy-of-use.