IS-T-300 IS-T-300
The IS-T-300 meets the target to build a small selective soldering system to an even better entry level price without having to abstain from important, sophisticated components. The new machine was designed in consideration of new challenges in increased accuracy, greater flexibility and higher throughput to still remain cost-effective. From beginning the needs of our customers were taken into account which furthermore will assure a leading position in customer satisfaction.Technical Specifications
IS-B-335 IS-B-335
The big advantages of the IS-B-335 are the large soldering area with the possibility to handle board of 335x335mm and the small machine size. The machine is equipped with titan solder pot, MicroDrop Fluxer and a wide range of other features and options making it ready for the technological challenges of the future.Technical Specifications
IS-B-460 The IS-B-460 can be fitted flexibly to customer wishes:
IS-B-460 S
The machine, which has a large soldeirng area of 460x460mm, comes with one titan solder pot, one MicroDrop and can be equipped with Top- and/or Bottom-Preheater, Pyrometer-Control und many more.Technical Specifications
IS-B-650 IS-B-650 For very large circuit boards
Despite the small machine size with a footprint of just 2,5m² the IS-B-650 can handle PCBs up to 650x650mm – unique in its class!Technical Specifications