SYL-T80 inline 3D solder paste inspection
SYL-T80 inline 3D solder paste inspection

Product Features:

1. The use of PSLM combined with the PMP to achieve 100% high-precision solder paste 3D measurement in SMT production line.

2. Using PSLM technology, changed the traditional way of generating struct light, the traditional glass grating moire (Moiré) requires mechanically driven by a piezoelectric motor (PZT). By using PSLM, no need glass grating and mechanical parts any more. The elimination of the mechanical drive and moving parts, greatly improving the ease of use and avoid mechanical wear and reduce maintenance costs.

3. Megapixels of ultra-high frame rates and high dynamic range industrial cameras, with the high precision grade balls-crew and guide rail mechanical structure, realizing high-speed and stable measurement.

4. Patented 3D DL (Diffuse lighting) technology, combined with 2D RGB light source achieve easy to use. It is perfect solution to solve the shadow effect and reduce noise interference in 3D measurement.

5. Gerber data conversion and import, achieve automatic detection of the entire board. Manual “Teach” function realize user-friendly programming and test job generation in case of no Gerber data situation.

6. The maximum detectable height increased from the traditional ± 350um to
±1200um, not only can detect solder paste, also applies to the detection of
opaque objects such as red glue and black epoxy and other none transparent object.

7. Friendly and simple user interface, five minutes of programming and one key operation.

8. Powerful “Statistical Process Control (SPC)”, provide a plenty of tools, user-
friendly real-time monitoring of production, reduce defects caused by poor solder paste printing and improve customer product quality.

9. PCB size up to 480 × 450mm, can be widely used in the manufacturing of electronic products, the application range like: mobile phones, digital products, television, audio and video appliances, computer accessories, automotive electronics, medical electronics, LED, etc.