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Vapour Phase Streckfuss



Vapor phase soldering for limited series production and repair works.

For initial batches and small batches as well as for repair works, STRECKFUSS SYSTEMS has developed the vapor phase soldering system VAPORO. Freely programmable, the system works safely and comfortably without danger of overheating. The system consists of a single closed process booth, in which it is possible to produce any temperature profile above 100 degrees Celsius.
Innovative temperature regulation systems prevent overheating and ensure successful soldering processes.

VAPORO is also perfect for printed circuit boards which are usually not easily soldered. Even printed circuit boards with large BGAs can be extremely well soldered up to a size of 280 x 400 mm. VAPORO offers yet another advantage:
Regarding the usage of lead free pastes with melting points between 217°C and 221°C, soldering systems are required that guarantee an efficient energy transfer. They are not supposed to heat up the synthetic materials, outlets, sockets or sensors beyond their destruction points. Regular convection-reflow systems require a high temperature delta to melt solder pastes with such high melting points, and this is why during the process the synthetic parts are
often damaged. VAPORO offers the perfect solution, as the temperature in the case of lead free solder lies considerably beneath the temperatures used in convection-reflow systems. Synthetic parts are thus prevented from destruction.