Vapor Phase
The Vapor Phase – Reflow – System is a perfect and easy to handle unit for lead and lead free solder-paste to soldering complex SMT components like QFP, BGA, flip chip and as well ceramic assemblies can be soldered in highest quality. Through the small footprint construction you will find easy a place for this unit. To set up the unit you need only a 380V connection.

Your Advantage
-competitive Soldering-System for future lead-free technological standards
-oxidation free pre-heat and soldering
-uniform temperature distribution in the process room
-repetitious process conditions
-small operating costs
-no preparation of temperature profiles necessary
-better solder results at lower solder temperatures compared to conventional reflow ovens

Process Sequence

Everyone can start with production very fast. You only have to put the boards in the large 500x500mm working area, then close the clamshell and press start bottom. Automatically the soldering process starts and after cooling down open the clamshell and take your boards off. The parameters are all computer controlled via Siemens controller.

System Concept

Putting up the Easy 500 is easily possible in every location. The Siemens SPS controls and regulates the heating -, liquid- and vapor temperature, and guarantees a perfect solder result . The Easy 500 recognized automatically the used medium and set up the correct parameters. The unit is equipped with a closed stainless steel cabinet and a cooling aggregate.